Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Pocket of Sanity

When so-called neo-nazi and fascist websites provide the most comprehensive, statistically-backed, and neutral information about current immigration politics, you sense that something strange is happening in your country.

You sense something strange is happening when the most common media sources provide articles that are full of holes and subtle, condescending adjectives labelling particular people, actions, or quotes as racist, intolerant, bigoted, ignorant. You kind of shit your pants when they say Hungary should follow the West's immigration policies, except we have to work on better integrating Middle Easterns and Africans into our society so that the immigrants won't live in segregated, dangerous slums or have the time to think about killing people overseas or revolting against the police. It's naturally the fault of the British, Swedish, and French governments for failing to safely integrate people whose holy book states that nonbelievers should be killed.

The good thing is that liberals are fighting a losing battle in Hungary. We are one of the last sane countries in Europe. The only country in the European Union who refused to accept a single migrant during the now-failed plan to parcel out quotas of migrants across the continent. We have the most well-organized Far Right Party in Europe which holds the majority of the youth vote and is constantly getting stronger, and we are planning to reinstate the Border Patrol (disbanded in 2007) and the death penalty.

One thing I've noticed while living here is that Hungarians are undyingly proud of who they are. They are proud of their language, their history, their great kings, their cultural traditions, their poets and authors, their folk music, their food, and they will never sacrifice it. It's unimaginable that they would surrender their country and national identity like Sweden has. Unimaginable that they would fall to white man's guilt or run away crying after being called bad names by liberals. Hungarians have a thousand years worth of experience protecting their land from invaders, from the Mongols to the Ottomans to the Soviets in 1956. The Hungarian army is not named Honvédség by accident, literally translated that is 'defenders of the homeland'.

A 15-year-old freedom fighter from 1956, later shot by Soviets

And, while I never showed much fondness for our Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, I'm surprised by his recent speeches, and in awe at his balls to say some of the things he has. He says he is willing to sacrifice his international reputation for speaking the truth. On July 25, 2015, he had this to say about liberals:

"There are people who think differently (about keeping our Hungarian identity). The European Left Wing does not see the immigration problem as a source of danger, but as an opportunity. The European Left Wing has always looked suspiciously upon nations and national identities. These politicians, simply put, do not like Hungarians. And they don't like them because they are Hungarian. Imagine if the Left had formed a government in 2014. I know it's a nightmarish thought, but just imagine it for a second. In one or two years we would not recognize our own country. We would not recognize Hungary. We would resemble an enormous refugee camp, like a Central European Marseilles."

Viktor Orbán says nice things about Marseilles.

He goes on to say that Europe is no longer a place of real solutions, but an ideology. "Europe no longer looks at the problem, but whether or not a particular solution will strengthen or weaken its own closed-minded ideology. Europe has became a place obsessed with ideologies. If a plan is logical and successful, but it strengthens the sovereignty of a nation, then it must be aborted, it is an enemy. The more successful the plan is, the more dangerous it is. This is the basis of the Hungarian situation. What we Hungarians are doing is undoubtably successful, but because it doesn't fit into the ideology of Brussels, or should I say because it does not weaken but strengthens the Hungarian nation and its sovereignty, in their view it must still be shunned and cursed."

He describes the "experiment" made thirty years ago by many Western European countries to allow in a large number of foreign people from different backgrounds and civilizations. He says that, looking upon the result of the experiment, he does not want to attempt the same thing in Hungary, and we have a right to choose.

But by far, the thing that has liberals in Sweden tearing their hair out, is what Viktor Orbán says here: "Another thing that we must talk openly and honestly about, is that there is an obvious connection between immigrants illegally entering Europe and the spread of terrorism. Interestingly enough, the Anglo-Saxon countries admit this, but the others deny it."

He also states that illegal immigration increases unemployment. "And let us also mention the thing that political correctness in Europe would like us to graciously overlook: according to statistics by Western European police forces, in locations where large numbers of illegal immigrants live, the rate of crime dramatically increases, and in the same rate so does the safety of citizens decrease. According to a 2013 survey by the British Parliament, in British prisons the number of Muslim inmates has increased by 300% in fifteen years."

He gives more depressing statistics, including a report by the United Nations that puts Sweden in second place after Lesotho for the most number of rapes in the world. He closes his argument by saying simply that illegal immigration is a threat to Hungary and Europe. "It is a danger to our shared values, our culture, and threatens to destabilize our efforts to fix our economy."

So, yes. Hungary is committed to keeping out illegal immigrants. If any of you Western Europeans are fed up with your own governments or perhaps have forgotten what a normal European country looks like, please join us. Help support our government, our Prime Minister. We have a thriving ex-pat community. A lot of Brits, especially. Do I even need wonder why?

Hungarian folk dancing is an exclusionary activity that further isolates migrants from society, so should be outlawed. -- liberal logic.

István Apáti, a Jobbik member of Parlament , in a speech before Debrecen after hundreds of migrants ravaged their own camp and broke out onto nearby streets, even attacking cars, said: "Unfortunately, history is repeating itself. This is not the first time that we (the Hungarian people) have to protect Europe's borders."

Gergely Kulcsár, also a Jobbik member of Parlament, stated at the same rally: "Those people who caused Monday's riot are nothing but common criminals whose place should be in prison. We should have immediately expelled them from Hungary after this event happened."

Wow, a politician of a major party saying something like that in public? He must be punished according to Sharia law. If he was in Sweden, he surely would have been convicted of hate crime.

Look at all these migrant-hating vigilantes who dare to protect their nation.

There is still hope, Western Europe. You're lucky not everyone has lost their minds. Thank the fascist neo-nazi racist skinhead vigilantes known as the National Guard. Thank also our satanic greedy Prime Minister. Thank the hateful college students who play League of Legends every day, listen to heavy metal, and are voting for the Jobbik party in record numbers. They are the only ones you can rely on to unconditionally protect Europe.

When students aren't killing pixel creatures, they are supporting the right party.


 Viktor Orbán's speech on July 25, 2015.

Jobbik demonstration in Debrecen after migrant riot:

Statistics on Jobbik rising in power.

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