Saturday, October 3, 2015

Top Serbian Sociologist Demands Serbian Prime Minister Resign or Step up to Help Solve Migrant Crisis

The following article is a translation from Délhír Portal, an article which is itself a translation from a Serbian article contained in a quarterly political magazine, Нова српска политичка мисао.

I found it important to translate this article because we rarely hear news about how Serbia is coping with the migrant crisis, and indeed why it makes the choices it does (that is, sending hundreds of buses of migrants deeper into Europe without bothering to register any of them). And so, here is a glance into the current political and social turmoil of Serbia:

It appears that only the Serbian Prime Minister is unaware of what the West is planning. Revered Serbian sociologist, Dr. Miomir S Naumović described the European Union's strategical solution to provide lasting living quarters to migrants, a plan which relies on stuffing hundreds of thousands of migrants into the Ukraine and Serbia.

Dr. Naumović, in a public letter in the political magazine Нова српска политичка мисао (English: New Political Thought), addressed Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić without preamble: it is a grave mistake that the government so desperately seeks to please the West because this will have numerous irresponsible and damaging results. The more intelligent Serbian citizens regard the future with great fear, a future which will resemble the following ten points:

1. At least 150,000 migrants will arrive in Serbia in the next few months.

2. Serbia will be surrounded by fences built by neighboring countries which will be protected by their respective armed forces. Complete isolation awaits Serbia.

3. At the same time, Serbia is considered a safe country for migrants.

4. The European Union will supply financial assistance to Serbia for accepting migrants. The EU bureaucrats will continue to pat Vučić on the shoulder and promise that they will leaf through one of the 150 total chapters of laws regarding Serbia's entry into the European Union.

5. The Serbian political elite will coerce and convince the citizens into believing that temporarily accepting masses of migrants into the country is a purely positive thing.

6. The temporary accomodation of migrants will slowly become a lengthy, and then permanent fixture. In the meantime, the European Union's funds and financial assistance will contribute to the construction of housing, even entire towns for migrants in Serbia. Serbian leading politicians will naturally receive even more praise and some money from the Union for their efforts.

7. The European Union will finance new factories in which only migrants will be allowed to work.

8. Serbia's population is aging. If current trends continue, by 2050 the population will have decreased by a million. In the meantime, the numbers of migrants will increase drastically.

9. In a foreseeable amount of time, Serbia's landscape will be darkened by the site of migrant worker factories.

10. In 2050, the Serbian parliament will pass laws officializing the language of the migrants and ordering it to be taught. Migrants will have their own districts, administrations, schools, and police force.

Dr. Naumović in his letter demanded that Vučić begin necessary measures to prevent the catastrophes listed above, or be gracious enough to leave politics as soon as possible.


Note: Dr. Miomir Naumović passed away suddenly on September 25, 2015. He had taught sociology in Nis since 1988, and published countless scientific papers in the field of sociology of village and town, social demography, geopolitics, geoculture, and was also a novelist. His funeral was on September 30th. 

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