Monday, September 28, 2015

Julia Klöckner Describes Frustration with Muslim Men

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Julia Klöckner, chairman CDU's Rhineland-Palatinate district, announced that migrants must integrate themselves and accept basic German values. Hundreds of women have contacted her to voice complaints: Muslim men insulting, shoving, and displaying negligent behavior towards women. Klöckner brought up the question: "Where are the left-wing feminists now?"

CDU Chairman of Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate district, Julia Klöckner, believes that migrants must accept basic German values. Klöckner described that hundreds of people, mainly women, called her recently on the telephone to say that they were frustrated by the behavior of Muslim men and boys.

According to the German Focus, letters and phone calls are pouring into Klöckner's office, especially from women who complain about how Muslim men are treating them; that equality between the sexes is being violated. According to Klöckner, there are heaps of frustration within people, and they are unable to tell the public about it.

The CDU politcian talks about female teachers whose male students announce during class that the teachers have nothing of importance to say to them; or that the parents of students refuse to talk to female teachers because they will only condone communication between male teachers. Other callers dislike the fact that men won't even allow women to receive their benefits.

Julia Klöckner believes that a law for compulsory integration must be passed, and that the government must quickly clarify the position that in Germany certain basic social values are not up for question. "We cannot make any more mistakes," says the German politician, who believes that the right of equality between sexes cannot be questioned, neither by the established Muslim population, nor by the newly arrived migrants. "Where are the left-wing feminists, now?" she brings up the question.

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