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Palestinian, Hungarian-educated Man Tells the Truth on the Migrant Crisis

The following article is a translation from The original article appeared on September 26, 2015. Link to the original can be found here:

"Over here, everyone believes you are attacking Islam and hurting refugees. They naturally don't understand the Hungarians," says Mr. Shadi Oudeh to, a Palestinian with a perfect command of Hungarian who attended university in Debrecen. We contacted Mr. Oudeh, who works as a dentist in Bethlehem, to learn of what Palestinians think of the migrant crisis, what the Arab newspapers are writing on the Hungarian perspective. Mr Shadi emphasizes: "Those who are pouring into Europe are not real refugees, and there are many shady characters, too." He believes Hungarians have the right to protect their own country, and that Merkel's viewpoint is very bizarre, because she is saying the same thing as "the crazy man in the Al-Aqsa mosque. That Europe must be destroyed."

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"The dark night will soon end, and we will crush Europe, Allah willing," announced a controversial imam in a recent predication in Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque. We contacted the Hungarian-educated Palestinian dentist, Shadi Oudeh, on his mobile phone in Bethlehem, right while he was in the middle of lemon harvesting. We asked him are Europe's fears legitimate? Will the young Muslim world really crush us in the name of a new Caliphate? Mr. Shadi also answered questions on what it means to be Muslim, that those who molest women will go to Hell, and that regular people have a hard time understanding Viktor Orbán.

Q: An imam in Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque recently said that Muslim migrants must outbreed Europeans and even breed with European women in order to crush a tired, old Europe. Should we really be worried about this speech?

A: The imam who spoke in Al-Aqsa is scum. It was not true speech, just nonsense that was stuck inside him. He speaks so primitively, to crush the women of Europe?! To crush Europe?! Allah did not give those words to him. To me, the strangest thing is that Merkel said the same thing as the imam in the mosque. That Europe is old, it must be changed. I am angry at Merkel for this. Why aren't German workers good for her? Or Romanians? Why doesn't she search for workers within Europe? And why isn't she saying that when the war is over, everyone can nicely go on home.

Q: I can sense you are not quite the sort of economic migrant we are dealing with today. How did you come in contact with Hungary?

A: I came here as a university student, paid my own tuition. I hadn't intended to go to Hungary, I'd wanted to go to Austria where my uncle is a doctor. But because of some papers, I wasn't allowed. Then my uncle told me, why don't I study in Debrecen? There was a doctors course there in English. I attended university and learned Hungarian, too. Then I moved to Kaposvár. When I completed my exam, I returned home, but I didn't have a house, or anything. So when I got married, I returned to Hungary with my wife because I had a more solid existence here.

Across from our house in Kaposvár lived an old lady. She always watched when I would try to steal her chickens. After she got to know us, she gave my wife her entire month's pension because she knew we needed a new gas stove. When my wife got pregnant, our neighbors always packed us baskets of fruit. See, this is what you Hungarians are like. You are afraid of strangers at first, afterwards you can be extremely kind. I love Hungarians, and if I had stayed, I would have lived like a Hungarian. I learned that the laws of the country must be obeyed. The Muslim migrants would enjoy themselves a lot more if they did this, they'd have a better destiny.

Q: We in Europe are having a hard time differentiating between refugees and migrants. And we are also worried about terrorism. Are these fears legitimate?

A: Many of those who are currently going to Europe are fighters. Your fear is entirely correct because mostly men, young men are leaving, not families, not women and children. This fact is already suspicious. When I went to Hungary, I needed a visa and all kinds of papers. Now they don't pay attention to these things, but it is entirely logical, this is how it should be done.

Q: Registration is that important?

A: Those who destroyed Syria are now smoking together at Keleti Railway Station, and believe me, they are going to do things far more horrible than leaving trash on the trains. If I was a refugee, I would keep quiet and be grateful. Those who are shouting, acting ungrateful, they are not real refugees. They are going to Europe for welfare.

Q: How can we tell the difference between migrants and refugees?

A: I think each person should be examined, fingerprinted, and everything learned about them. But this should be done by the government services, they must be strong, determined. This is not a job for journalists. The migrants shouldn't have been allowed to scream and holler at Keleti Railway Station. They will behave like this everywhere. Europe is a collection of free nations. Not long ago, they were shouting for freedom in Sweden. And there is freedom in Sweden, but not for everyone. There is freedom for Swedes, not for Syrians unless the laws are obeyed. Those who complain and only cause headaches should go home. Nobody needs them.

Q: Headaches aren't caused by refugees, but by Islam's culture that Europeans can't understand...

A: Islam shouldn't be attacked. It's a respectable religion, it doesn't hurt other religions. As a Palestinian, I have no problem with Jews, only the extremists, the Zionists. The entire religion of Islam shouldn't be held responsible because there are these animals, it's not true for all of Islam. Those who do not respect European laws, who do not respect women and treat them with aggression and demands, they have no fear of God. They think Allah will not punish what they are doing. But they will all nicely be sent to Hell.

Q: What is Hungary's image over there now?

A: Over here, everyone thinks you are attacking Islam and hurting refugees. They naturally don't understand the Hungarians like I do. They don't read Hungarian news, they don't understand what politicians are saying. For this reason I think it must be clearly stated: what happens to a refugee, what happens on the borders, who can and cannot come? I saw that video where that animal grabbed his wife and child and pushed them onto the rails. I'll tell you honestly, I would have shot him on the spot for how he was behaving. The Hungarian police didn't do anything, but the photographs still depict another story. The media displays white as black, and vice versa.

Q: So then the media is wrong, and Hungary is on the right track?

A: It's the Hungarian opposition that I don't understand. Migration is not a political subject, it's a national one. Taxes and economy belong to politics. This is a national question. Politicians must reach a consensus in the best interests of the nation. I think regular people have a hard time understanding Viktor Orbán, but he sees the truth better than anyone. I completely agree with what he is saying. I also agree with the fence. He is right that these people are not refugees and that the nation and Europe must be protected. But Islam should not be mixed into this.


End note: Mr. Oudeh also responded himself to the Hungarian article, which you can see by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

Thank you, Mr. Oudeh!

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