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Desperate Conditions in Germany's Refugee Camps

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Massive brawls, sexual assaults, trash and filth -- looking into the current state of Germany's refugee camps.

German refugee camps are concealing shocking conditions. Rape and sexual assault against women is an every day occurence, in many cases women are urinated on while sleeping by migrants from other countries. Migrants leave trash and filth everywhere, and mass brawls are considered week-day activities.

Sexual Assaults

The army has noted that unsustainable conditions are present at the refugee camp in Erfurt. writes that aside from constantly sexual harrassing women, migrants also urinate on floors.

A doctor attending to migrants in the camp said these observations to the German paper:

"The main hall is cleaned twice daily. Despite this, the floor is always filthy because they always throw their trash on the floor. Urinating in the corner has become a routine activity. Single women on the camp's grounds are also urinated on while sleeping. Sexual violence happens every day." 
Constant Brawls

Two days earlier a riot broke out at a refugee camp in Leipzig. A hundred migrants were involved and many were injured. Only a 'significant' police force was able to stop the disturbance after many hours, according to

The fight broke out after an argument between Afghans and Syrians. Police suspect that religious conflicts stand in the background. After the riot, the Afghans refused to return to the camp and instead slept outside in the cold.

This was not the first conflict in Leipzig between migrants. Currently 1,800 migrants are stationed there, many have still not been registered. Just as in Hungary, migrants are ungrateful in Germany as well. Their primary complaints are lack of medical care and good food.

"I'm scared to go out on the street at night."

Over the weekend, 500 migrants arrived at a newly-built refugee camp in Niederau. The building previously functioned as a department store -- writes Daniela Kuge, a local CDU politician answered a question on her Facebook page that asked whether young, attractive, blonde women should be afraid to go onto the street after 10 P.M.
"I live in Meißen, by the station. I know what you mean. I'm scared." She added: "This is the fourth refugee camp within ten kilometers in my voting district. It's simply too much for me."

Troubles also rife in Donaueschingen

Serious tensions arose Monday evening between migrants in a refugee camp in Donaeuschingen, a town within the federal state of Baden-Wüttemberg, writes Die Welt in a Tuesday morning analysis. A large portion of the 1,600 migrants attacked one another while showering, and 19 police vehicles had to be sent to the scene to stop the brawl from devolving into chaos. Over 150 'extremely aggressive' individuals had to be physically restrained, multiple arrests were made. Tensions only eased up on Tuesday morning.

Likewise in Baden-Württemberg, but this time in the town of Ellwagen, two Syrian migrants ran for each other's throats on Monday afternoon. According to police reports the situation there is also dire and poisonous. In a refugee camp in Gerolzhof, in the north of Bavaria, Syrian migrants fought each other over a financial dispute. One migrant attacked two others with a broom, and all three had to be separated.

High Tensions Across the Nation

The integration minister of Baden-Württenberg announced that the extreme tensions in the camps are because of overpopulation. According to Bilkay Oney, the conflicts are not only caused by religious differences, but every day struggles. These can be witnessed through food donations or the limited spaces for bathing (the antagonism towards the integration minister himself is not new: at an event in Heidelberg in July, hundreds of local citizens booed him. The cause of the tension was a new refugee camp.)

A constant flow of reports describe total chaos in refugee camps, and anxiety plays a large role in the rising tensions: naturally the slow registration process leaves many migrants in fear, waiting for when their ultimate fate will be announced. This is not what they had been expecting.

translation by Bodomér de Maldur, September 30, 2015.

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